3 Simple Layered Jewelry Necklace Styles You Can Wear Today

Layered necklaces for summer

I love layered jewelry but trying to mimic the beautiful styles we see in the magazines and on Pinterest can be intimidating. Here are 3 simple layering styles that you can master right away.

These 3 examples use only 2 necklaces. (We can tackle 3-strand layering later.)

Personalized Necklace with Simple Pendant Necklace

Personalized Layered Necklace

This is a great look because it matches a personalized necklace with a simple pendant necklace. By having the personalized piece, you make it your own look and taking two very simple necklaces and pairing them together makes for a statement piece.

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Personalized Initial Silver Necklace – $20.00


Bar Necklace and Pendant Necklace

Layered Bar Necklace and Pendant Necklace

Bar style necklaces are very popular right now and the options are limitless. You can find these classic, simple necklaces in any gemstone of your choice. I’ve paired my moonstone necklace (which is also one of June’s birthstones) with a simple hammered sterling silver pendant necklace.

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Silver Moonstone Bar Necklace – $22.00
Silver Hammered Pendant Necklace – $24.00


Mixing A Long and Short NecklaceIMG_1557

Two very dainty, small pendant necklaces can sometimes get lost and are hard to see, especially when being worn with a very simple outfit. But pairing two of these dainty necklaces gives it a lot more punch. It’s even more striking when the lengths are further apart. The above example shows a 16″ necklace paired with a 24″ necklace.

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Dainty Gold Birthstone Necklace – $18.00
Long Gold Rectangle Bar Necklace – $22.00