4 Special Days in October To Celebrate

Each month I like to list the National Days of the Month where we can reach out and show our loved ones that we care and support them. Making people feel good isn’t just about remembering them on their birthdays. It’s also the little remembrances that mean so much. One of my favorite quotes is ‘We remember moments, not days’. When we reach out to people on these special days, it shows they are always on our minds.

Here are my favorite ‘National Days of the Month’ for October.

October 5th – National Do Something Nice Day

This is similar to the Random Acts of Kindness day that happens earlier in the year. The premise behind this day is that doing nice things on a daily basis will make a big difference in this world. It’s a reminder for us to stop for a moment and do something nice for someone.

October 10th – National Kick Butt Day

This day is celebrated the 2nd Monday of October and falls on the 10th this year. While its true intention is to give yourself a kick-in-the-butt for achieving your goals, you can also turn this into a congratulatory day for someone you know that has kicked-butt in something this year. Maybe you have a friend that worked really hard and lost those 20 pounds. Or someone who has poured themselves into their career and has achieved a level of success they have worked hard for. Congratulate them on kicking-butt!

October 22nd – National Make a Difference Day

National Make a Difference Day is an annual community service event held on the fourth Saturday of October.

Their mission is to organize volunteers from across the country to unite on this day. The purpose: to improve the lives of others.

To learn more about this community effort:
Make A Difference Day Website

October 23rd – National Mother In Law Day

National Mother-In-Law Day is observed on the fourth Sunday in October. It is a special day to honor the mother of your spouse. I think this is a wonderful day to celebrate – after all, she did raise your husband, so she must be pretty awesome! I absolutely love my mother-in-law. She’s one of the wittiest, silliest, sincere people I’ve ever met. While I’m not a mother-in-law (yet), I can imagine it’s a difficult role at times. They know a very different side of your husband and it must be hard to not give unwanted advice. I know mother-in-laws get a bad rap, but I love having another mother figure to look up to.