February Birthstone – Amethyst!

February’s birthstone is amethyst and it is a brilliant, beautiful shade of purple!

It’s one of my favorite colors of all the birthstones and the meaning behind the amethyst stone makes it even more special.

Amethyst speaks of peace, temperance, serenity and royalty. Wearing this stone may protect you from the effects of intoxication. In fact, the Pope always wears an amethyst ring. 🙂

Amethyst is known as the traditional birthstone of February. With traits associated with inner strength, sincerity and courage – it is said that those born in the month of February are independent, inventive and humanitarians.

The Amethyst gem was prized and sought after throughout ancient times. At one time, only royalty were permitted to wear this gemstone. The word Amethyst is derived from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning a “remedy against drunkenness”. Ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone would protect the wearer from the addictions of alcoholism and drunkenness.

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