Thoughtful Unique Gifts for Your Mother-In-Law

Did you know that National Mother-In-Law Day is Sunday, October 23rd?

Buying gifts for your mother-in-law can be a bit challenging. After all, you haven’t known her your entire life and unlike your mom, you don’t feel like you’ll be instantly forgiven for striking out on the perfect gift. And we know her son probably isn’t going to be a big help! I’ve compiled a list of my 4 favorite gifts for your mother-in-law that are unique and show you care.

I’ve personally given 3 of these gifts and they’ve been a big hit.

Decorative Grandparent Plate

This customized plate is a great handmade gift for the mother-in-law who is also a grandparent. You can customize it with the number of children (including animals) and skin tone, hair color, and clothing color. It also allows you to select different children looks (such a girl with long or short hair). $49.99 on Etsy


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Son Coupon Dates

This is probably my favorite gift of all. Create coupons that give your mother-in-law one-on-one time with her son (make sure to check with him first!). Coupons can include ‘dates’ such as dinner, movies, a visit to a special place, or fixing something at her house. The reason I love this idea is that it’s coming from you and showing that you want to foster their relationship and support the time he spends with his mother.

For $5.07, you can purchase these adorable coupons, all ready for you to print (plus they can give you some great ideas!). There are also blank coupons so you can fill in your own gifts.


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Family Photo Calendar

Every year I give my mother-in-law a calendar with photos from the year. Vistaprint is a great source and they’re currently having a sale – 50% off all wall calendars! Just use the code HOLIDAY. Full 8.5 x 11 wall calendars start at only $8.99.


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Personalized Jewelry

Of course, what list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include one piece of jewelry from my shop. 🙂

If your mother-in-law has a fur-baby, how about a personalized necklace for the dog lover.


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Happy Mother-In-Law Day!