Jewelry For A Cause – Alzheimer’s Research, Care and Support

Theresa Rose Designs is proud to announce the selection of our newest ‘Jewelry For a Cause’ charity – fighting Alzheimer’s!

While I will be supporting one specific charity (the #1 charity that fights this insidious disease), I am not mentioning them by name due to federal regulatory rules and regulations (yeah – too many lawyers in this country!).

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I received 2 comments and both were for the support of this Alzheimer’s charity. It is an issue that has recently started to affect my family. I’m noticing my mother needing a lot more help from me. I’m also having to remind her about paying her bills and appointments she needs to attend.

We are wives, mothers, and daughters. We are busy taking care of our spouses and children (and sometimes even our grown children!), but are now finding ourselves in a new position of taking care of our parents – sometimes in small, subtle ways. But as time goes on, we are taking on bigger roles. It’s a scary time for both our parents and ourselves.

When it comes to your donations, I know you want to feel good about where your money goes, so I was happy to see that 78% of all donations go directly to awareness, research, and supporting families in need.


I have created new jewelry designs and I will donate a portion of those sales to help fight Alzheimer’s. I’ve created 3 designs and next week I will hold a giveaway contest where you, my customers, will vote on which 2 you like the best. When you vote, you will automatically be entered in the giveaway to win any one of the 3 designs of your choice.

Stay tuned!



  • Monica Pomeroy September 10, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    As a spokeswoman for the local chapter (Western New York) of the Alzheimer’s Association, and a proud wearer of your fine craftsmanship, I am THRILLED you have chosen our charity! I personally will be promoting your jewelry in our Chapter eNews, Facebook and website…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!