September Days to Celebrate

September is the month to honor, appreciate, and encourage our loved ones. From spouses, grandparents, and friends who need our encouragement and support, September gives us the opportunity to reach out and show we care. Sometimes we need that ‘reason’ to make the phone call or send a card. Here are 4 days you can reach out to the people you love.

Sunday, September 11th – National Grandparent’s Day


Each year on the Sunday following Labor Day, we celebrate National Grandparent’s Day.

This is a great day for grandchildren, both young and older, to honor their grandparents. Grandparents earn a special place in our hearts with their patience, love, and unwavering support. This day gives us the opportunity to show our appreciation.

Ways to Show You Care:

  • Call – grandparents love phone calls and wouldn’t it be great to phone them and say ‘Happy Grandparent’s Day!’
  • Take them out to lunch.
  • Visit and fix something in their home.
  • Invite them over for dinner.
  • Write a letter and mail it (when’s the last time you did that!). This is an especially thoughtful idea because it gives them something tangible to hold onto and reread. Handwritten notes are always appreciated.

Monday, September 12th – National Day of Encouragement


This day is dedicated to uplifting and encouraging our friends and family. It is intended to be a positive day. How do you celebrate? Make deliberate acts of encouragement. When’s the last time you gave your friend that much-needed pep talk? Pick up the phone and give them a ‘high-five’. Tell them something that you admire about them.

16th – National Working Parents Day


This is a day to pay tribute to parents who work to provide for their family. I know as a working parent, how hard it was to juggle both career and family. I also saw my own mother struggle with these same issues when I was a child.

Let’s face it – parenting is hard work! Whether you stay at home or juggle a career and parenthood, we all work hard at being parents. If you work outside of the home, give yourself a big pat on the back and congratulate yourself. Call up a friend or relative that’s in the same situation as you and chat about the challenges of being a working parent. If you are a SAHM, reach out to your working friends and let them know that you support them. Often times, working moms feel judged for not being at home as often as they want. As women, we all need to support each other and the choices we make for ourselves and our families.

Sunday, September 18th – Wife Appreciation Day


Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in September.

This day is for husbands to let their wives know how much they appreciate them. Ways to celebrate – make dinner for your wife or take her out. Gifts of flowers, spa certificates, and jewelry are always appreciated. How about a certificate for a house cleaning? Or doing a chore yourself that you know she doesn’t like.

Telling our loved ones that they are appreciated goes a long way and I can admit that I don’t do it often enough.

So let’s make September the month to honor and appreciate our friends and family!